Case Studies



Leyun Intelligent has been deeply involved in IT, telecommunications, live broadcast and other cloud industry services for more than 20 years. It has rich experience in Southeast Asia and the Indian market. This time, Netcreation Information and Leyun Intelligent will help customers use AWS cloud services to provide network load balancing services. , Resource monitoring service, no need to buy servers, no need to consume additional IT human resources to maintain the host, greatly reduce customer costs, and create more revenue and profit for customers.



Solutions provided by Netron

Through AWS EC2 flexible cloud computing, scalable computing capacity is obtained in the cloud, reducing program operation without hardware limitations. Large amounts of data and data are also managed through AWS RDS relational database service, making it safer and faster. Since the introduction of the AWS cloud service, the live broadcast main user FB live broadcast, the number of online viewers reached 5,000, and the number of messages reached 200,000. It can withstand a large amount of instantaneous traffic, which has benefited thousands of live broadcasters in Taiwan.

Netron provides the most professional and timely technical services, reduces IT human resources, and makes the manpower used to maintain the mainframe more focused on the development of system applications. At present, Leyun Intelligent has accumulated a large number of live broadcast manufacturer customers in Malaysia and Thailand to use the "FB Live Shopping Assistant". In the future, it will develop in Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries to advance to the ASEAN market.




  1. By integrating various tools provided by AWS, system resources are automatically monitored, making system management more convenient
  2. Significantly reduce the manpower allocation by more than 60%
  3. Operating costs reduced by about 50%