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StudyDIY:Addressing Customer Service Challenges Through Intelligent Chatbot Solutions, Paving the Way for a New Chapter in Digital Transformation.


In the fast-paced business environment, Timely and Effective Customer Service The key to corporate success lies in adaptability. Confronting the escalating demands and interactive challenges posed by customers, Self-Help Home Study Network has chosen to collaborate with our company, WebCreative Information, to develop a dedicated Line chatbot. This initiative has fundamentally transformed their customer service model.

Occurrence of Incident

We all know that, once a business is established and caters to customers, inevitably there will be the occurrence of customer issues, which can be quite diverse. Consequently, there is a need for dedicated channels to address and resolve these problems. This scenario is also applicable to the Self-Help Home Study Abroad website.
Over time, as the pursuit of overseas education becomes increasingly widespread, the demand for inquiries has risen substantially. Consequently, the response time for visitors or inquirers has also extended considerably. Managing the influx of inquiries manually has become impractical, prompting Self-Help Study Abroad Network to seek an alternative solution. Recognizing the convenience offered by Line bot technology, they have entered into a collaborative partnership with a web development firm to address this challenge effectively.

What have we done?

We utilize Line bot with automated responses to effectively address the multitude of inquiries faced by our self-help study abroad platform. However, acknowledging the limitations of Line bot in responding to specific questions, we understand that customers desire to use Line as a unified channel for communication while also expanding the bot's breadth and accuracy in answering queries. To address this, we have integrated AWS services, leveraging a stable and intelligent Generative AI to assist the bot in responding to a more diverse range of questions.

The key to this project lies in two major innovations:

  1. Real-time, comprehensive customer service :We utilized AWS's serverless architecture to build a chatbot for our self-guided study abroad website that can instantly respond to various customer queries. From simple FAQs to complex inquiries, this bot delivers prompt and accurate feedback.
  2. Seamless Integration on the Line Platform :Considering the widespread use of Line among our self-guided home study website users, we ensure that the chatbot seamlessly integrates into this platform, delivering a familiar and convenient user experience.

This aside, we also place importance on the following aspects:

  • Intelligent Conversational Chatbot :The integration of AWS Bedrock and Claude in the development of the chatbot not only enhances its intelligence but also enables it to communicate in a manner close to that of humans, thereby improving user satisfaction.
  • AI Technologies in Line with Corporate Ethics :We strictly adhere to “Helpful, Harmless, Honest” The principle of AI is to ensure the responsible use of technology.
  • Automated Cloud Architecture :We have achieved efficient automation of cloud architecture through AWS CDK, ensuring the stability and scalability of the platform.

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Looking towards the future, Self-Help Home Study Network is currently planning to expand the scope of its robot applications, including the development of chatbots for internal operations and the integration of more internal data through AWS Kendra. This will enhance the functionality of the robots and improve internal communication and efficiency within the company.

Future Outlook

In this era of rapid AI technological advancement, Self-Help Home Study Abroad Network and OurNet Creative Information are jointly exploring how to leverage these technologies to bring greater value to our customers. This not only signifies a significant innovation in the realm of customer service but also marks a crucial step for Self-Help Home Study Abroad Network on its digital transformation journey.

Through this collaboration, Self-Help Study Abroad not only overcame the challenges of real-time customer query responses but also ushered in a revolutionary transformation in its business processes and internal communication methods. This vividly illustrates the immense potential of intelligent technology in enhancing customer service and corporate operational efficiency.