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2023 E-commerce New Challenges|The official UGG Taiwan website is now live! Netron collaborates with Flyelephant as the unsung heroes: In an era of escalating cybersecurity threats, how can brands ensure a secure online shopping experience and optimize their official websites?

In the digital era, the imperative for brands to develop e-commerce is undeniable. However, in an age of escalating cybersecurity concerns, ensuring consumers a stable and secure user experience has become increasingly critical.

The picture, from left to right, features Netron CEO Lee Shang-Hsiu, Sanor General Manager Yang Qiu-Hua, and Flyelephant CEO Guo Tai-Liang. Image source:Netron

After several years of absence, the American snow boot specialist brand UGG Launched in Taiwan this year, the official website has garnered widespread acclaim from consumers. The driving force behind it is a team specialized in planning and deploying AWS cloud services. Netron , the digital solutions provider Flyelephant, and Sanor, the authorized UGG distributor in Taiwan, collaborate to unveil the secrets of corporate transformation and cloud migration.

From China Airlines, Shopee, Eslite, to Carousel Auction …… The potential crisis of personal data breaches on e-commerce platforms has become an undeniable concern in 2023. The Digital Development Department stated in April that, since the beginning of 2022, they have received reports from 74 e-commerce entities under their jurisdiction. Subsequently, they have conducted a total of 7 administrative inspections, requiring 5 of them to implement necessary improvements within a specified timeframe. This indicates that the leakage of personal information on e-commerce platforms has emerged as a significant operational risk for industry players.

However, operating an e-commerce platform with a membership system and transitioning data to the cloud for backup has become an essential step for virtually every brand in digital transformation. With the increasing threat of cybersecurity crises in this era of rapid change, how can brands accelerate their digital transformation while simultaneously ensuring a secure and trustworthy service experience for consumers? 

This journey, marked by years of challenges from piracy websites and counterfeit products, has left a deep impression on UGG, the American snow boot brand. This year, UGG officially launched its Taiwan official website, a collaborative effort involving Netron, Flyelephant, and UGG's distributor Sanor. In an exclusive interview with CommonWealth Magazine, the three brands dissect the selection of cloud solutions and the secrets behind choosing collaborative partners, aiming to assist businesses in swiftly finding external support for rapid transformation and seizing opportunities.

Netron CEO Lee Shang-Hsiu: Rising Cybersecurity Threats and Unexpected High Traffic Hindering Smooth Transactions - All Addressed with AWS.

The initiation of trilateral collaboration began with Netron assisting Flyelephant in integrating AWS product services, enabling the project to leverage Magento's secondary development capabilities. By combining various AWS services, they crafted a stable, fast, and exceptional e-commerce website experience.

In the early stages of the project, Netron and Flyelephant jointly chose AWS as the solution for planning and deploying cloud services. 'AWS offers a wide range of flexible services, aligning well with the scenarios envisioned by Netron,' said Lee Shang-hsiu, CEO of Netron. As a leading brand in the cloud services domain, AWS provides over 200 categories of cloud computing services, spanning computation, storage, networking, security, databases, and more, with solutions tailored to diverse industries and clients worldwide.

Li Shangxiu further explained, especially in terms of security, AWS includes measures such as S3, RDS, ACM, ensuring server-side encryption and the security of sensitive data in databases. In addressing the paramount concern of operational efficiency for e-commerce platforms, AWS also provides solutions like EC2 and ELB to enhance user experience.

For example, in the case of an e-commerce platform encountering a buying frenzy with a sudden surge in high traffic, the system needs to automatically scale up or identify malicious traffic to ensure that user experience remains unaffected. This capability is crucial for providing a seamless purchasing experience even during peak seasons.

When customers encounter issues, they can directly connect with specialized engineers instead of going through customer service or waiting for referrals. Our 24/7 technical support service is highly favored in the market for seamless maintenance and operation.

In terms of software, leveraging the flexibility of cloud computing, Netron has successfully empowered its customers, allowing them to rapidly adjust service specifications according to real-time needs. This not only enhances the consumer experience but also represents the most efficient and effective business approach for the brand.

Choosing the right software service is just the first step for electronic brands. Netron's personalized customer support sets it apart as a major advantage highly favored by many clients. Unlike most cloud solution providers where brands have to rely on customer support for issue resolution, Netron goes the extra mile by having AWS-certified engineers on standby, ready to address and promptly resolve customer issues in real-time.

Netron CEO Lee Shang-hsiu mentioned that the ability to connect with engineers promptly when customers encounter issues has garnered high praise from clients. Image source:Netron

Enabling customers to provide real-time feedback and swiftly resolving the challenges they encounter is of utmost importance to Web Creation," stated Li Shangxiu. Web Creation offers 24/7 technical maintenance services, ensuring a constant presence in the operations group seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This allows brand partners to promptly report issues, and internal technical colleagues promptly identify and address problems. "Our approach of having the front line directly engage with technical colleagues rather than customer service is the reason we earn the trust of our customers.

With various advantages, Netron achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status with AWS in just four months. Additionally, Netron obtained AWS MSP and MSSP certifications, enabling us to assist clients in maximizing the efficiency of AWS usage and reinforcing cybersecurity measures.

Flyelephant CEO, Tai-Liang Guo: Assisting clients in clarifying their medium to long-term operational goals. After building the website, we also provide education and training to ensure frontline staff are proficient in its use.

"We also recommend clients to use AWS systems and draw inspiration from NetCreation in directly addressing issues by connecting to the group for solutions. We handle application-related issues, and for technical collaboration, we work together with NetCreation Information," said Jason Guo, CEO of Flyelephant Information.

Guo Tailiang shared that a common mistake many brand owners make is committing errors in architecture selection and service configuration when they are not yet familiar with cloud services. A good strategy should involve clarifying the brand's future traffic and development goals first. Once there is Similar to Netron, Flyelephant places a strong emphasis on customer service experience. They not only assist in system integration but also optimize internal processes for Sanuo, incorporating workshops, videos, educational training, and more. This helps e-commerce product managers and marketing colleagues rapidly configure marketing campaigns, establish product attributes, and design customized shopping flows.a clear medium to long-term plan, the deployment and selection of services can be carried out.

The official UGG website utilized a range of cloud services, including EC2, AutoScaling, RDS, Elasticache, and Opensearch. These cloud services not only ensure a highly available and stable website operating environment but also guarantee fast data read/write and query speeds, enhancing the overall performance and user experience of the website.

Guo Tailiang admitted that the most significant challenge in the implementation process is the integration and ensuring that front-line colleagues can smoothly use the Magento platform. While Magento is well-known abroad, adapting it to Taiwan requires time and effort to educate and train individuals, as many operational methods differ from our existing mindset, assisting frontline partners in quickly getting up to speed.」


Guo Tailiang suggests that for brand owners, it is advisable to first clarify the future traffic and development goals of the brand. After establishing medium to long-term plans, proceed to deploy and select cloud services. Image source: Netron.

Sanor General Manager Yang Qiuhua: Confronting Piracy Websites Head-On! Launching an Official Website for Genuine Products, Providing Customers with a More Secure and Reassuring Shopping Experience.

Facing the rampant proliferation of pirate websites for several years, impacting customer experience, Three Promises CEO Yang Qiuhua believes that the best way to dispel rumors is to create something authentic.

With such determination, Sanor officially launched the UGG official website this year, aiming to better understand consumer needs and provide high-quality products of official authenticity. This initiative aims to continuously enhance the consumer shopping experience. The official website also contributes to reducing employee workload, and the 24-hour operation helps improve the overall operational efficiency of the brand.

Sanor General Manager Yang Qiuhua, in order to better understand consumer needs and shopping experiences, has spearheaded the official launch of the UGG website this year. Image source: Netron.

Yang Qiuhua also took notice of the escalating cybersecurity threats in recent years. Therefore, considering the challenges posed by personal data leaks and the sudden surge in online traffic, she opted for AWS as the cloud solution. Adhering to the international standards of the parent company's brand, she collaborated with Flyelephant, utilizing Magento as the e-commerce system to develop various features and experiences conducive to sales and customer service. 

This autumn and winter, UGG has invited the second-generation star Kōki Murai to become the global brand ambassador. The globally popular shearling slides, FoamO, and rain boots, Classic Brellah Mini, will blend Japanese and Western fashion trends, undoubtedly anticipating a new wave of consumer demand and brand recognition. For the new official website, this marks a crucial test.

UGG has invited second-generation star Koki, the daughter of Mokumura Hikaru, to become the global brand ambassador. Photo source: Sanor.

We have a crucial mission, which is to enhance everyone's awareness of security, ensuring that data will not be leaked for a safe and secure experience. Yang Qiuhua's statement also serves as a reminder to all electronic product brands in Taiwan that, in the era of escalating cybersecurity threats, ensuring customer data security and consistently reducing operational risks will become increasingly critical.