Case Studies




AiCOMMTECH founded on October 12, 2017, the main members (shareholders) come from the IT industry, monitoring industry, and information engineering, biomedical technology and other academic circles. The purpose of the establishment is to develop high-speed computing, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc. of IoC smart networking The application of technology, and through cross-industry cooperation, provides business services such as technology transfer, consulting, software, and system integration. In 2018, we worked with Chang Gung University professors to jointly develop a smart preventive medical service plan. The purpose is to establish a preventive medical cloud service system and brand, and begin to deploy a big data analysis center for the development of precision medicine. The solutions being developed at this stage include big data analysis systems such as monitoring image smart analysis and identification box, smart aquaculture image recognition and processing system, smart people's behavior analysis application, and smart activity participation/satisfaction.


Solutions provided by Netron:

Netron assists AiCOMMTECH to quickly grasp the concepts and training courses of AWS cloud knowledge, and at the same time, supplemented by professional consulting services, provides more in-depth application consultation for AiCOMMTECH after class, and assists in adjusting its system architecture. Through the professional maintenance team of Netron, we can control the operation performance and cost monitoring of the cloud server around the clock. At the same time, we will optimize the network environment for cost, performance and security every six months to maintain the stability of the platform information flow before and after its service platform. , Safety and efficiency.





The cloud architecture of AiCOMMTECH continues to provide its brands with a high-quality and stable cloud service platform. It not only uses AWS official courses to quickly grasp the essence of AWS applications, but also combines the professional experience and advantages of Netron Information to create a Lohas specifically for the silver-haired group Silver Life Service, based on the AWS cloud architecture, continues to modify and optimize its workload performance to provide customers with an excellent user experience.