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In recent years, LINE has achieved an unprecedented level of popularity in Taiwan, becoming an indispensable part of people's daily lives. Due to its high user adoption, an increasing number of brands are choosing to utilize LINE official accounts for membership management, aiming to maintain close interactive relationships with consumers. So, how can one effectively harness the impact of managing LINE official accounts and further enhance brand loyalty?

How can physical storefront brands enhance performance through LINE membership management?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the global retail sector, but it has also presented new opportunities for brands. Through the implementation of the Online Merges Offline (OMO) strategy, managed via LINE official accounts, brands can effectively integrate online and offline customer experiences and establish a communication bridge between the two. WishMobile's LINE membership system serves as an effective tool in realizing the OMO environment.

Through LINE membership management, brands with physical storefronts can establish an Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) environment. For instance, brands can issue membership cards within the LINE membership system, enabling online reservations, coupon distribution, setting membership levels, and managing points accumulation. These initiatives aim to deepen customer relationships.

WishMobile assists brands in leveraging LINE to facilitate collaboration between online management teams and physical store teams. This integration aims to convert traffic from LINE official accounts into foot traffic for brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, it allows the seamless transfer of customer inquiries and needs from in-store customers to the operational team managing the LINE official account for subsequent customer service and marketing efforts. This interactive strategy enables brands to effectively engage with customers, ultimately enhancing performance and customer satisfaction.

Creating New Marketing Opportunities for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Brands through LINE Membership Management

In the past, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry struggled with a lack of sufficient customer data, making it often challenging to formulate effective marketing campaigns. Nowadays, with the utilization of the LINE membership system, they can engage in precise customer segmentation and deliver personalized messages. This platform not only provides an effective communication channel but also offers comprehensive data aggregation, enabling brands to conduct more refined customer segmentation and marketing strategy formulation.

By utilizing the LINE membership system to gather customer information, brands can employ data mining to understand consumer spending patterns and preferences. This not only enables brands to precisely tailor products or services to meet customer needs but also facilitates personalized message push notifications. This allows consumers to experience the brand's attentiveness and exclusive special offers tailored specifically for them.

The LINE membership system offers various interactive features for consumer engagement, such as utilizing the LINE-exclusive invoice module to allow customers to accumulate points through invoice registration. Additionally, it includes opportunities for sampling, trial requests, and more, further enhancing the interaction between brands and consumers.

In the new chapter of marketing strategy, LINE has become a crucial tool for brands to directly connect with customers and achieve brand-to-customer marketing. This not only enhances brand visibility but also strengthens interaction between the brand and customers, further elevating customer loyalty and satisfaction.


LINE CRM: A Powerful Customer Relationship Management Tool to Enhance Customer Loyalty

The LINE CRM (LINE Customer Relationship Management System) possesses powerful data collection capabilities and features for targeted marketing. These functionalities enable brands to gather and organize extensive customer data, achieve precise customer segmentation, and deliver personalized messages. This significantly contributes to enhancing customer loyalty.

Brands can utilize LINE CRM to track and record customer profiles and purchasing behavior, encompassing fundamental demographics such as age and location, as well as detailed insights into consumption patterns, frequency, timing, quantity, and preferences. These comprehensive details empower brands to gain a profound understanding of their target market, enabling them to identify the products or services most likely to attract and engage customers.

This tool also serves to unearth valuable business insights for brands, aiding in the determination of marketing strategy directions and enhancing the overall effectiveness of marketing activities. For instance, brands can analyze and predict future shopping behavior based on consumer behavior data such as purchase history and frequency. This enables them to set reminders and devise more targeted marketing strategies. Furthermore, LINE CRM excels in customer service, facilitating prompt resolution of customer queries and providing personalized services to further enhance customer satisfaction.

WishMobile offers a comprehensive LINE membership management solution.

When engaging in LINE membership management, WishMobile's comprehensive solution proves to be crucial. WishMobile offers a range of LINE membership management solutions, including LINE CRM membership management features, point accumulation, member levels, electronic vouchers, and popular interactive games on LINE marketing (such as lucky wheel and LINE lottery events). Moreover, WishMobile's solutions extend beyond LINE membership management, allowing for deep customer relationship management across channels such as APP and WEB. In the case of integrating with other sales systems, WishMobile can assist brands in seamlessly connecting with POS, EC, and other systems, achieving an all-encompassing approach to membership management.

As of now, WishMobile has assisted over 100 retail channels, restaurant brands, and department stores in implementing membership management systems, serving more than 3,500 stores and counters. The total membership count has exceeded 10 million. Faced with such a massive amount of data, why is WishMobile able to maintain stable and secure service quality? This is undoubtedly attributed to its excellent partner, — Netron。

Netron Business Manager - Jerry Chen, mentioned: "In daily maintenance, through Netron Network Creation Information's 24/7 maintenance services, WeMove ensures smooth resolution of system load issues arising from an increased customer base. This enables WeMove to promptly provide fast and effective solutions when facing challenges, ensuring seamless operations."

In terms of technical support, the Netron operations team holds corresponding certifications, providing substantial assistance in areas such as AWS and containerization services. As containerization increasingly becomes a prominent trend, Netron also boasts a group of CNCF certified instructors, ensuring WishMobile has a more secure technical support foundation.

The current total membership of WishMobile services has reached approximately 10 million. Dealing with the data generated by members across Taiwan and the corresponding API requests on a daily basis requires careful and meticulous handling. With the cloud services provided by AWS, coupled with technical support from NetCreativity, WishMobile can operate with confidence, ensuring peace of mind for both WishMobile and its customers.

Interested in learning more about how to achieve higher business performance through LINE membership management? WishMobile can help you realize comprehensive LINE membership operations! Visit now for more information. 威許官網 To gain a deeper understanding, let's work together to shape the future of the brand.