Case Studies


Netron collaborates with MOMODA to facilitate the adoption of AWS services.

MOMODA, founded in 2019 through a joint venture by a group of young Taiwanese individuals with a shared dream, has established itself as a kingdom dedicated to mobile gaming and live streaming. With a common interest and aligned goals, MOMODA possesses profound expertise in live streaming technology. The team can tailor comprehensive platform operation strategies to meet the specific needs of clients. Through the company's holistic planning, clients receive the most comprehensive and high-quality service. Guided by the business philosophy of 'achieving customer success,' MOMODA aims to create limitless possibilities.

Customer requirements

With the growth of business, the self-built data center is gradually becoming insufficient. In response to the need for IT system upgrades or the expansion of hardware servers and storage devices, a considerable amount of time and budget investment is required for evaluation. Over the long term, this not only consumes time and effort for the enterprise but also lacks flexibility, potentially increasing the workload for the IT team.

As a game service provider, ensuring system stability and high quality is our top priority. We have decided to adopt AWS to reduce the need for additional hardware and software purchases, as well as to retire obsolete equipment and update our infrastructure. This includes replacing and integrating existing devices. We plan to migrate our existing workloads to AWS, leveraging SaaS services to meet our requirements and reduce IT management demands.

Prioritize the adoption of various AWS services such as Amazon EC2 by CloudEndure, Amazon S3, and AWS RDS. Additionally, replace the outdated mail server with a fully-managed AWS WorkMail environment.

After the expected migration, personnel verification delays can be reduced, server availability increased, and a stable quality of uninterrupted service provided. Introducing AWS RDS during the migration process automates the backup tasks, allowing manpower to be reallocated to other responsibilities.

Project Achievements   Outcomes of projects

  • After incorporating cost estimation into AWS, a 38% cost savings can be anticipated over a period of sixty months.
  • Website server performance doubled.
  • The overall website performance has been improved by threefold.
  • The purchase of Reserved Instances (RI) for EC2 development and testing instances can result in cost savings of up to 75%.
  • After switching from EC2 to ECS, cost expenditures have decreased by 60%.
  • Utilizing CloudWatch and SNS for system environment monitoring, reduces operational personnel's repetitive tasks by over 60%.
  • Amazon CloudFront accelerates webpage loading speed by over 40%.
  • AWS WAF Blocks Over 80% of Malicious Connections
  • Reducing AWS RDS backup time to within 30 minutes enables the application of automatic backup functionality, saving the need for third-party software usage.
  • The reduction of one IT personnel allows for the flexible scheduling of various tasks.