Case Studies

Ting Yuan

Ting Yuan


Ting Yuan builds an intelligent customer service chatbot through AWS Bedrock to enhance the quality of medical services.

In an increasingly aging society, healthcare and caregiving play an increasingly vital role within this societal framework. In order to enhance the quality of medical services and integrate technology, Ting Yuan has chosen to collaborate with our company, Web Innovations, to develop a specialized customer service solution for basic healthcare and caregiving issues. Leveraging the services provided by AWS, we are paving the way for a new era in healthcare.

Occurrence of the problem

In modern life, we often find it challenging to provide immediate care for our elderly family members due to the demands of busy work schedules, making it difficult to ensure their well-being while living alone at home. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, family members often find themselves caught in the middle, experiencing the dual pressures of work and caregiving responsibilities. In response to this societal trend, an increasing number of people are choosing to place their elderly relatives in healthcare facilities. However, with the growing demand for such services, our healthcare system has struggled to promptly meet this immense need.

Due to this reality, in the field of healthcare services, medical staff face one of the significant challenges in addressing the numerous inquiries and care needs from a large number of patients' families. Recognizing this, Ting Yuan has decided to collaborate with our web development company to develop an intelligent customer service chatbot. The purpose is to alleviate the burden on healthcare professionals, enhancing the efficiency of patient care. The goal of this chatbot is to provide real-time support and information to families, enabling medical personnel to focus more on the healthcare needs of the patients, thereby elevating the overall quality of care.

What did we do?

The chatbot developed for Ting Yuan employs AWS serverless architecture, integrating powerful features from AWS Bedrock and Claude. Here are several key features of this system:

1. Serverless Architecture : We employed AWS's serverless architecture to craft a flexible and scalable chatbot platform for Ting Yuan, capable of efficiently handling a high volume of query requests.

2. Intelligent Conversational Chatbot : By integrating AWS Bedrock and Claude's technology, our chatbot not only comprehends and responds to family queries but also engages in communication with an approach close to human interaction, making the conversation more natural and intimate.

3. AI Design in Accordance with Corporate Ethics : Following Claude's“Helpful、Harmless、Honest” principles, ensuring that the information provided by the robots is both useful and harmless, while maintaining honesty. Such a design aligns well with the sensitivity and professionalism of healthcare services.

4. Automated Cloud Architecture : By utilizing AWS CloudFormation, we achieved automated deployment of cloud architecture, enhancing system reliability while making maintenance and upgrades more efficient.

This system not only efficiently handles complex requirements but also ensures the accuracy and security of information, while providing users with a friendly interactive experience.

The outlook for the future.

The next step in Ting Yuan's plan involves utilizing AWS Elemental Live for internal real-time video broadcasting, allowing the families of patients to monitor their loved ones at any time. This not only provides psychological comfort to the families but also offers them a more visual understanding of the patient's recovery process. This innovative solution significantly alleviates the workload of healthcare professionals while enhancing the quality of care for patients. Additionally, through an intelligent customer service chatbot, Ting Yuan can more effectively manage the expectations and inquiries of family members, thereby providing a more personalized and efficient service.

This collaboration has led to significant advancements for Ting Yuan in enhancing patient care and communication with families. This case not only showcases the immense potential of intelligent technology in the healthcare sector but also underscores the importance of technological innovation in elevating the overall quality of medical services.