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Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean


Embrace the wave of intelligence to lead the future of customer service experiences.

With the rapid development of digital technology, AI has become the hottest topic in various information industries. How enterprises can leverage innovative technologies to enhance customer service and internal operational efficiency has become a critical issue. As industry pioneers, the collaboration between Blue Ocean and our partner Netron is not only a response to this challenge but also a profound investment in the future. In this collaboration, we have developed a highly advanced chatbot for Blue Ocean. This is not just a technological innovation but a revolutionary change to traditional internal operational models. Our partnership aims to address the evolving landscape of the industry and position Blue Ocean at the forefront of leveraging AI for transformative business practices.


Blue Ocean has undergone a profound corporate transformation, transitioning from a company offering traditional industry services to one integrating rapidly advancing technological capabilities, providing innovative software services. With the introduction of new products and services, the company has undergone extensive organizational adjustments and reforms internally. Faced with this series of changes, Blue Ocean Technology actively recruited numerous new members to embrace the emerging corporate landscape.

However, with the addition of new members, they encountered some inconveniences in internal information retrieval within the organization. Whether it was related to human resources issues or inquiries about past IT department documents, these new employees felt the need for more efficient pathways for information retrieval. It is in response to such demands that the collaboration between Blue Ocean and Net-Creation emerged.

What did we do?

We have observed that the speed of traditional paper document retrieval is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the current information age. Nowadays, businesses are increasingly converting existing or legacy documents into electronic formats for more efficient organization and retrieval of information. For companies like Blue Ocean, this transformation is becoming increasingly imperative.

In the process of assisting Blue Ocean, we are dedicated to creating a chatbot that facilitates internal data access for enterprises. This AI chatbot swiftly responds to user inquiries and efficiently categorizes and retrieves information based on electronic documents stored within the organization. It is constructed utilizing AWS cloud technology, incorporating serverless architecture, integration with AWS Bedrock and Claude, along with AWS Kendra's intelligent search engine, delivering an efficient and intelligent information management solution for businesses.

Future Prospects

With the successful deployment of this innovative solution, Blue Ocean and we are already looking ahead to future program development. We plan to introduce a wide range of intelligent robots with different capabilities, targeting different data sources and further expanding the user experience and application landscape.

With the wave of generative AI technology, both Blue Ocean and we at Netron are looking to capitalize on the opportunity to quickly build solutions that support users to make significant advances in production, business and cross-departmental collaboration. Through this partnership, Blue Ocean has not only achieved a major technological breakthrough, but also realized significant improvements in the quality of customer service and the efficiency of business operations. This is a vivid demonstration of how smart technology can power the transformation of an organization and keep it ahead of the curve in a highly competitive marketplace.